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  • Fundamentals of Calibration Video Series: What is Calibration?
    Randy Van Wie, Quality Manager at Tektronix, speaks about the fundamentals of calibration, and helps to answer some frequently asked questions, including:
    • What is calibration?
    • Why is calibration important?
    • What does calibration involve?
    • What does a good calibration supplier look like?
    • How do you know when to calibrate your instrument?
    • What is the risk of not calibrating?
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Case Study

  • Tektronix Keeps Columbia Helicopters in Flight by Responding to Crucial Calibration Demands
    Columbia Helicopters operates and maintains aircraft that transport soldiers, vital supplies and equipment—leaving little room for error when it comes to calibrating onboard instruments. Tektronix was able to deliver cost efficiencies, quality control and expertise that were difficult for Columbia Helicopters to match internally. Learn more about the value Columbia Helicopters’ receives from outsourcing their calibration program.
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White Paper

  • Measuring Calibration Quality: External Lab Audit Results Separate the Best from the Rest
    Your calibration program significantly impacts the quality and predictability of your company’s operations. Ineffective programs result in poor design and inefficient production. These deficiencies surface in production, causing reduced yield due to insufficient design margins, false failures, and product failures. For these reasons, your company should fully understand all compliance and quality protocols, and then choose a service provider and delivery model that meets those technical and quality requirements.
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  • Instrument Calibration in the Military and Aerospace Industries
    Calibration of test, measurement and control equipment is a key element of an effective quality system. Due to the mission and critical nature of the military, commercial and civil aviation and aircraft manufacturing industries, familiarity with the basic requirements of a calibration program should be common knowledge across an organization’s management, including expertise in research and development, quality assurance and production.
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  • Instrument Calibration in FDA-Regulated Industries
    Science and technology are accelerating discovery and innovation with advances in research, development, processing and manufacturing across FDA-regulated industries. These advances feed a stream of new and ever growing challenges to producers and regulators charged with protecting quality and safety within these industries. Calibration of test, measurement and control equipment used in industries such as food, pharmaceuticals and medical devices is a key element within each quality system. Due to the complexity of the systems used to produce these goods, knowledge of the day-to-day operation of a calibration program should be shared across an organization’s management, including manufacturing research and development, quality assurance and production professionals.
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  • Using Software to Manage Your Calibration Program
    Robust calibration and asset management software can play a central role in establishing and maintaining an effective calibration program. A quality calibration provider should offer their customers the ability to monitor, manage and analyze their entire calibration programs through a comprehensive and easy to use software application. Implementation of the right system provides the customer complete compliance management, data reliability and security, reduced costs, and improved productivity. Tektronix’ calibration and asset management software, CALWEB®, provides the visibility and monitoring needed to minimize downtime and maximize productivity. This white paper defines the benefits of implementing and using a calibration management system.
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  • Fundamentals of Uncertainty in Measurement
    Knowledge of uncertainty in measurement is fundamentally important for both calibration providers and test equipment users. It provides a foundation for understanding both the performance characteristics of test equipment as well as the confidence level in measurement results. You can rely on competent calibration providers like Tektronix to understand the complexities of deriving uncertainty in measurement and working with you to minimize risk in your test equipment maintenance program. This white paper is an introduction to uncertainty in measurement.
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  • Calibration is NOT a DIY Project
    In order to stay profitable while delivering both quality and value, companies often find themselves looking for ways to reduce costs and free up valuable resources. One solution is to outsource difficult-to-manage functions that lie outside core processes. Calibration services can fall within this category.
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  • Instrument Calibration Program: Five Critical Factors for Success
    A successful instrument calibration program is vital to every business in the test and measurement industry. Learn the five critical factors for a successful instrument calibration program.
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  • Uncertainty of Measurement - Calibration Certification Changes
    Uncertainty In Calibration Now Required. ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation) recently announced changes to calibration certification requirements from calibration providers to their customers. This change is in congruence with the recently published ILAC Policy for Uncertainty in Calibration. As of November 1, 2011, calibration laboratories will be required to deliver test data and the uncertainty of measurement with all accredited calibration certificates. When a contract requires that the uncertainty be excluded, then an endorsed, accredited calibration certificate can no longer be issued.
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  • What is Your Calibration Frequency?
    The question is not whether you should calibrate—that's a given. The question is when you should calibrate. There is no "one size fits all" answer. Consider the following calibration frequencies: after a major critical measuring project, manufacturer-recommended calibration interval, before a major critical measuring project, after an event, per requirements; or monthly, quarterly, semiannually, annually, or biannually.
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Calibration Insight

  • Top 10 Reasons to Outsource Your Calibration Infographic
    Outsourcing has fundamentally changed the global business landscape. In order to improve profitability while delivering both quality and value, companies often find themselves looking for ways to control costs and make the most of valuable resources.
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  • 5 Things You Should Know About Calibration Certificates
    Properly calibrated instruments maximize ongoing operations for our customers as they provide essential information about the instrument’s performance and condition. Calibration certificates are provided as evidence of service for each instrument calibration. As a leading multi-vendor service provider of superior calibration, repair and related services, Tektronix’ unmatched quality system and experienced personnel enables its labs to meet world-class calibration standards. Click below to discover five important facts you should know about calibration certificates.
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  • Going the Extra Mile: Internal Auditing Ensures the Highest Level of Quality
    In order to maintain international accreditation status, Tektronix service laboratories host required audits from their accrediting bodies (for example, A2LA or ACLASS for ISO17025 Accreditation, SRI for ISO9001:2008 Registration). Tektronix is an industry leader in test and measurement and quality is one of our core drivers. We go a step beyond external audits by following a rigorous internal auditing policy. Learn more about our internal auditing procedures.
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  • NIST Traceable Calibration
    Calibration plays an integral role in a company’s bottom line by minimizing the risk and cost associated with product defects and recalls, while enhancing its reputation for consistent quality. In its most basic form, calibration is the act of verifying the performance of an instrument against an appropriate measurement standard. In the U.S., the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is the legally established national standards laboratory. All calibrations performed by Tektronix are traceable to NIST.
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  • Principles of Metrology and Measurement Accuracy
    Imagine a world with no regard for accuracy. Advances in electricity and electronics during the past century have made accurate measurement of many different properties essential. Metrology is the science that provides us with the accuracy we need to get on with business and our personal lives. Calibration is the action of metrology, and is the process that provides the confidence that our measurement results are accurate.
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  • Top 10 Reasons to Outsource Your Calibration
    Outsourcing has fundamentally changed the global business landscape. In order to improve profitability while delivering both quality and value, companies often find themselves looking for ways to control costs and make the most of valuable resources.
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  • Measuring the Industry - Tektronix' Market Research Results
    Tektronix recently conducted a survey of more than 4,400 users of Test and Measurement equipment world-wide to research their attitude to the calibration and repair of the instruments they use. The main question asked was: What are the biggest challenges in your business that involve test, measurement, monitor, and control equipment? The responses were clear. The biggest challenges were (in order of importance): maintaining quality, cost management and training.
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  • The Hidden Costs of "Low-Cost" Calibrations
    A decision to purchase a calibration service, based on price alone, may result in working with low quality suppliers, hidden costs, and a high probability of long-term problems. This overview provides tips on evaluating calibration service providers, their offerings and explains why the lowest cost calibration may not be the best value.
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  • Evaluating Calibration Programs: Factory-Certified vs. Commercial Calibration
    Whether you choose Factory-Certified or Commercial calibration, you get assured compliance and measurement confidence. View the Factory-Certified versus Commercial calibration comparison table.
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  • Mobile Calibration - Tektronix Offers Convenient, Cost-Effective Instrument Calibration Solution
    Our mobile calibration service, which addresses short-term or critical calibration and repair needs, is just one of three flexible delivery options available. When you choose Tektronix’ mobile calibration, a mobile lab and technicians can be immediately dispatched to your location.
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  • A Guide to the Understanding the Different Types of Tektronix Calibration Certificates and Service Level Options
    Properly calibrated instruments maximize ongoing operations for our customers as they provide essential information about the instrument’s performance and condition. Calibration certificates are highly recommended as evidence of service with each instrument calibration. Learn more about Tektronix calibration certificates and service options.
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