Calibration Delivery Options

Service Delivery Options

Choose from depot-based, temporary onsite (mobile) or
full single-source solutions

Tektronix provides a wide range of flexible service delivery options to meet your exact requirements. Backed by more than 100 points of service, 1,000 plus associates and unmatched capabilities, we provide appropriate level of service for clients of any size.

Depot Service

Provides high-quality door-to-door service from any of our  calibration lab locations. Choose depot service when you need:

  • Prompt, reliable instrument calibration, repair and related services
  • Superior quality, accredited calibration services
  • Online access to instrument calibration and certification status
  • Repair or calibration of items that require special environmental conditions

Temporary Onsite

Satisfies short term or critical calibration and repair needs. A mobile lab and crew can be dispatched to your location within days. All work is performed with minimal disruption to your operation and calibration certificates are printed on site. Choose temporary onsite services to:

  • Obtain convenient, less intrusive onsite services
  • Improve equipment uptime, productivity and ROI
  • Enjoy consistent calibration service across geographically dispersed sites
  • Add temporary local calibration capabilities
  • Have 24/7 response capability

Permanent Onsite

Outsourcing onsite calibration services can provide significant cost advantages, minimize downtime and eliminate possible transport damage. Our onsite teams perform services with minimal disruption, superior quality and maintain detailed documentation. Many clients initially have the misconception that onsite calibration service will cost more than regular “ship-in” service. Truth is that the avoidance of time-consuming packaging and freight cost offset many costs. Choose permanent on-site services when you need to:

  • Maintain ultra-quick turnaround times
  • Minimize the risk of shipping delicate and costly instruments
  • Reduce the cost of your calibration program

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